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Barter your way to a new Native American Style Flute!

There's more than one way to acquire a custom-built Cedar Spirit Native American style flute! If you're short on cash - or if you just prefer to barter for goods of similar value - here's your chance. On this page we list items we want. We will barter a custom flute(s) for these items in full or partial trade.

Our current wish list:

  • A laptop computer PIII+ (I really like the Macs)
  • An accoustic guitar or a really nice electric. Would also accept a large body Guild, Martin or Fender, an acoustic/electric Bass. I LOVE NICE INSTRUMENTS
  • An I-pod.(the kids are after an 'I-pod Touch')
  • My kids are asking for an I-phone
  • An SLR digital camera
  • An Ipad
  • Spring Shine, flutemaker email Spring

If you think you have what we want, and would like to barter, contact us here.

Don't have what we want? Check back here later, this page will be updated periodically.

I think the Barter page was one of the best ideas I had when creating this site. I have made countless great trades that have worked out so nicely on both ends. Thank-you to all my Barter friends.





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