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How to choose your Native American Style Flute

Single G minor Snake Bird's eye view Single F minor Hummingbird Side view

Double F# Owl Side View Double F# Owl Bird's eye
Cedar Spirit Flutes

Our regular flutes come in all the sizes shown here
(Also see the amazing Convertible Double Flute below)

We can custom make flutes in any key, but our standard flutes come in three groups. Prices are $US

Custom carved totems are INCLUDED in flute prices.

You will need RealPlayer to listen to the soundclips.
If you don't already have it, download the free version here.

C Minor listen
loud and high, best for playing with other instruments, particularly with drums (they won't get overwhelmed)
B Minor listen
G Minor listen $295
low AND loud, the most popular flute - offers the best of both worlds
F# Minor
listen $310
(and see the F# minor double flute)
F Minor listen $325 very low, very soft, meditative (terrific miked)
E Minor listen $340

Take a good look at the column on the right, and think for a moment about how you will be using the flute. If you anticipate playing with other instruments, particularly with drums, then our Group 1 flutes are for you. If you can see yourself doing solos, whether in the woods by yourself, or amplified, Group 3 flutes have a depth and power of tone that is truly remarkable. The most popular choice are the Group 2 flutes, which offer the best characteristics of the other two groups.

Note: The diameter and the distance between fingering holes of the larger flutes (i.e. F minor and E minor) may make it difficult for people with smaller hands to reach all the holes easily. If your hands are fairly small we suggest you try the smaller diameter flutes first.

C and B
fingering holes are approximately 3/4" apart

G and F#
fingering holes are approximately 1" apart

F and E
fingering holes are approximately 1 1/4" apart

All flutes come with a beautiful canvas bag, fingering chart, and maintenance sheet, and all our flutes are shipped free to any location in North America.

Convertible Double Flute!

For a real treat listen to the sound of our double flute - a "convertible" two bodied flute. One body plays a drone to accompany the melody of the second body. By simply sliding your mouth 1/4 inch you can play with or without the accompanying drone.

double flute mouthpiece close-upIf you take a look at the close-up view of the mouthpiece here, you can see how staggering the levels of the openings allows you to slide your mouth from playing a single flute body, to playing both, quickly and easily. The sound is out-of-this world - please take a moment to treat your ears!

To the best of our knowledge this flute design is unique. We can make a convertible double flute in any key, but at present we only have a sound sample for the F# minor double.

F# Minor Double Flute - listen -   $465 including totem -
sound clip is 48 seconds (128 kb)

1. Can you tune flutes to a major scale?
2. How many holes do your flutes have?
3. Can you make a 5-hole flute for me?
4. Can you create a special totem for me?
5. I'm just learning to play. Can you recommend a book or video to help me learn?
6. Can you tell me how to make a flute for myself?


1. Can you tune flutes to a major scale?
Yes, certainly we can. But here's a consideration for you: the minor tuning gives you the option of playing a major scale by altering your fingering. Refer to the fingering charts on our How to Play a Flute page.

2. How many holes do your flutes have?
Our standard flutes have 6 holes.

3. Can you make a 5-hole flute for me?
Yes, certainly we can, at no extra charge. BUT, here's something to think about; by keeping the 3rd hole down (4th from bottom) covered with your finger during playing - or plugged with a simple insert - your 6 hole flute plays the pentatonic scale like a 5-hole flute. Remove the plug and you can play the major or minor scale depending on your fingering. So you essentially have a 3-way convertible flute. With a 5-hole flute you are restricted to the pentatonic scale.

4. Can you create a _______ totem for me?
We can create just about anything you can imagine. But be aware that things like oustretched wings, antlers, or multiple animals require a lot of extra time on our part to carve and we have to charge extra for that time. How much extra? Generally $100 US for exotic totems. Refer to our Special Totems page for more information. Simple totems like those illustrated on our standard totems page are included in the price of your flute. If you aren't sure if the totem you have in mind will involve extra cost, please contact us before ordering.

5. I'm just learning to play. Can you recommend a book to help me learn?
We don't carry books ourselves, but we've selected several from those stocked at Click here to see the books and choose a selection of recorded native music.

6. Can you tell me how to make a flute for myself?
Not really. It takes a lot of practice to learn to create a good flute, and it isn't something that can be easily passed on in an email. We're not trying to keep secrets, but realistically your best bet is to learn from an established flute maker.

Still have questions? Contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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