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How to choose a totem for your
Native American Style Flute

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Hummingbird totem
Our very popular Hummingbird totem

Choosing a totem is a very personal decision, but here are some questions for you to consider.

What animal did you relate to as a child?

Do you have a passionate love for a particular animal or being?

Have you had any close, personal experience with a particular animal?

What animals keep appearing in your dreams?

I refer to "animals" here, but the totem can be anything, such as the eggplant totems, which have proved surprisingly popular. Cedar Spirit can custom carve anything, ideally from a photo or drawing. Also, small personal objects such as crystal can be incorporated into totem design.

Often the choice of a totem animal is a spiritual choice, and that reverence is something that I take very much to heart when I make the totem. I invoke the spirit of the animal to come into the wood and throughout the carving I constantly dialogue with the spirit of the animal. The resulting carvings speak for themselves.

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Challenge me to create a truly amazing Special Totem!

Our standard Custom-carved totems are INCLUDED in flute prices.



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