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Challenge our Flute-Maker!

Cedar Spirit is not a "Flutes-R-Us" superstore of flutes and totems. Each flute and totem is custom crafted to your individual request. But Spring Shine, the artist behind Cedar Spirit flutes, is a guy who likes a challenge. He's perfectly happy to create wonderful totems like the examples on our Totem Images page, for your flute, but if you really want to make his day, give him a real challenge. Challenge him to carve an outrageous, extravagant, amazing totem. Like...

Not just a raven ...
Raven totem
A Raven in flight

Not just an owl...
Owl totem
An owl with outstretched wings
owl with wings spread

Not just a bear...
Bear totem
A Bear with wingsBear with Wings

Not just a wolf...
wolf totem
An otter perched on the back of a wolf!
Wolf/otter totem

What makes a special totem so ... special?
Outstretched wings, for one thing, take extra care and planning to carve so that they are not at risk of breakage. Multiple animals, for another - see the wolf/otter example above.

These types of totems quite naturally take longer to carve than our standard totems. There's more detail in the carving and as a result, each special totem takes as long as 10 hours to carve, as compared to 4-5 hours for a standard totem. So, if you'd like a special totem, there will be an extra charge of $100 US on top of our regular prices.

Please contact us with details of your totem request prior to ordering.

Go ahead, make Spring's day - tell him to "Go for it, Spring".

For more inspiration see our new Totem Photo Gallery, with images of some of our favourite totems requested by customers recently.

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