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Native American Style Flute Totems

click on a thumbnail image to see a larger photo of the totem

Remember - we can custom carve any totem to your personal preference - see our SPECIAL TOTEMS page

Angel - giving thanks
Angel Giving thanks
Angel - sun salutation
- sun salutation
Angel - at prayer
Angel at prayer
angels embracing
Angels Embracing
Bear cub totem
Bear Cub
Mother Grizzly Bear
Mother Grizzly
Dolphin Totem
Sleeping Dragon totem
Sleeping Dragon
Dragon with crystal totem
Dragon with Crystal
native american flutes - eagle totem
fish totem - dolly varden
Fish - Dolly Varden
Hummingbird totem
Mountain Lion totem
Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion (2)
one totem
otter totem
Owl totem
Snowy Owl

Owl (2)

Sea Otter
Sea otter
Turtle totem
Turtle (1)
Turtle (2)
Turtle (2)

Whale tail totem
Whale tail
wolf totem
raven totem
Black Bear
Black Bear

Still can't decide? See How to choose a totem

and don't forget our SPECIAL TOTEMS page and our new Totem Photo Gallery, with images of some of our favourite totems requested by customers recently.

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