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  Hand crafted Native American Style Flutes and totems

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The Trees

September, 2001
The first tree that I ever used to create flutes was an ancient fire-killed cedar that fell near my home.

April, 2010

Several more have fallen since then. I use another tree every three years or so. The wood was over three hundred year when the trees died. A fire ran through this area in the late 1800's. Cedar releases silicon when it is burned which makes it highly rot resistant which is why they are the only burned trees still standing. Farmers still burn the end of cedar posts before thry burry them.
I am so grateful to be using the wood so consciously. There is so little waste because the flutes are so long and thin I can cut around any knots easily.
I am truly blessed to be able to ceate something, to feel great about all the stages of it's creation and to support my family doing it.
Thank you for helping me bring more music into the world, especially into the hands of those who never thought they could hold a tune. Thanks for the opportunity to do what I truly love doing. Thanks for spreading this very simple message that is so desperately needed in the world at this time.